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Minimal Wall Hacking

Reliable Connectivity

Affordable Luxury

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Swiss-German Technology

Control at Your Fingertips

Embrace the power of technological simplicity
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  • Lighting
  • Aircond
  • CCTV
  • Energy Saving

Control at Your Fingertips

Embrace the power of technological simplicity


Household lighting control is not limited to only switching and dimming. Now with your smartphone or tablet, you can match various lighting themes with your mood and occasions.

Air Conditioner & Fan

Cool your room before you get home or simply turn off your aircond or fan if you forgot to after you left your house, the possibility to control is stretched far beyond the distance and your imagination.

Security & Surveillance

Imagine a house that will take care of itself and your loved ones in your absence. Now with SMARTBOX, you are in safe hands.

Energy Monitoring & Saving

Intelligently monitor the power consumption on your smartphone or tablet, so you can finally take charge of your lifestyle without any hassle, just what we have been looking for!

No Other System Can Match Us

Minimal Wall Hacking

With a Smart Home System powered purely by electric power line, why would you still need to pry your walls?

Reliable Connectivity

The communication is carried out via power line, so even if your WiFi fails to work, SMARTBOX will never let you down.

Extensibility & Reusability

Don't know how to start? Worry not as future expansion is a breeze and you can even relocate it to your new house.

Highly Practical

We believe a Smart Home System should be powerful yet simple and user-friendly, just like your smartphone. SMARTBOX is an ideal home automation solution for everyone.

Starter Pack

Starter Pack

Smart Living Starts Now

Recommended for Single room. Compatible with SOHO, Studio Apartment, Condominium, Hotel Room, etc.


  • Light Switching & Dimming
  • Air-Conditioner Control
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Mobile App Control

A System You Can Trust

Built to Last with Maximum Flexibility and Seamless Installation

The Swiss-German Technology is miniaturised to the extent that it disappears into small spaces behind lamps and switches, therefore it can be retrofitted and subsequently removed effortlessly anytime.

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